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The “Online” Workplace

Friday, May 27th, 2016


Since the dawn of work place computers, managers and IT purists have battled the inevitable web surfing by employees out of boredom. Not only is there the potential for viral infection with every new page opened or item shared but the practice was deemed an inefficient waste of valuable employee work hours by employers.  Fast forward to 2016. Social media platforms, online gaming and sales, job searches and around the clock news updates have infiltrated every moment of our day. The need to know what Martha had for lunch or the latest trending celebrity factoid is too irresistible for the average human to bear!

Companies have reluctantly begun to accept the inevitable and even embrace many aspects of this online revolution. While purchasing new shoes or cyber-stalking the ex during work hours are still questionable exercises, savvy employers have learned how to take advantage of many platforms, even hiring personnel to do nothing but online marketing. Each platform speaks to a different population; selective marketing is highly effective and efficient.  Social media has created the perfect atmosphere to get your message out to exactly the demographic you seek.

Today, Marketers spend their work days scheduling tweets and Facebook posts and searching for relative, timely content to share with your company’s audience.  It isn’t, and should never be, only about selling your wares, but creating a sense of trust, loyalty and interaction with the people who will best receive your message. Become an authority in your area for your line of work.

Cyber space is a funny creature.  It functions through algorithms akin to schoolyard games.  He, who is talked about the most, is the most popular.  In adult terms, this is referred to as SEO.  SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization.  This pertains to the frequency and placement of your company’s website and references from online searches. Of course, you’d want your company to show up at the top of any search a potential customer might perform. How do you make that happen? Having your logo and company’s name linked online to active, timely content is one way to increase your SEO. Social media platforms are a very easy way to keep your brand fresh and relevant while creating an ever growing audience of loyal potential customers. You want to be everywhere they are, however, make sure your content stays fresh and on message.  Vet all content you did not create yourself as most blogs and online articles are thinly veiled advertisements, most likely for your competition! Be mindful of not only the frequency of your posts but the timing.  Research the days and time of day that your customers actually see your content or visit your page and schedule posts accordingly.

As a Staffing Agency, we post open positions in many different areas of the interweb.    Being able to target potentially qualified candidates comes from knowing the tone and bedfellows in each social media realm. For example, if we need general laborers, Craigslist and Facebook are great for these non-skilled, broad types of positions.  Whereas, if we need to find an Attorney or Engineer, LinkedIn and Twitter would best target a professional audience.  Research platform demographics to learn where your potential customers spend most of their time.

Don’t under estimate the marketing potential of all of your employees.  Most likely, they are all on one or more of the same platforms your marketing department utilizes.  By following your company, sharing posts, retweeting, tagging your company and checking in at your facility, every employee has now just expanded your online reach, thereby adding to your potential customer following.

Employers should establish a policy regarding online activity during work hours.  But in doing so, should be mindful, that they can truly benefit from their employees’ interaction with the company’s online brand. Install Anti-virus software; create a marketing plan and surf on, dudes!

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