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1237 N. Salisbury Blvd.,
Salisbury, MD 21801

308 E. Stein Highway,
Seaford, DE 19973

2918 Old Rt. 50 Road,
Cambridge, MD 21613


New to the staffing agency world or, if you’ve used “temp agencies” before, you may want to know how Quality Staffing Services are different.  Here are some FAQ’s that may guide you in your choice to visit QSS and explore a new way of finding more permanent, higher paying jobs. 


Who owns QSS?

QSS was created in 1995 in Salisbury by the husband and wife team of Ken and Maria Waller. Now with 3 branches to serve the entire Eastern Shore and lower Delaware, the Waller’s still own and operate this very community oriented company. 

Do I pay any fees to QSS for finding a job?

No, as an employee you are never charged a fee or service charge.  

What jobs do you have?

Our offerings change every day!  Our client companies call us constantly with new opportunities.  Our website EasternShoreJobs.com is always changing with our current offerings. Make sure you stop by often. Typically, we have positions from labor on up to CFO’s of the Shore’s largest companies. We offer temporary jobs, temp to perm (should it be a good fit for you and the company, that job will be permanent) and direct hire placements. 

Is QSS a “temp agency”?

NO! QSS prides itself on attracting professional level applicants for professional level jobs.  Salaried positions are offered as a “Direct Hire” placement.  Our client company pays a “finders fee” for such a placement and the successful candidate becomes the employee of that company immediately.  Highly regarded as one of the top staffing agencies on the Shore since 1995, QSS has gained the trust and respect of many of the local businesses. They know we thoroughly vet all applicants and will only provide them with the cream of the crop!  

How much will I get paid?

The hourly pay rate or yearly salary (for direct hire placements) are determined by the company for which you will be working.  QSS has no added fees in your rate nor do we have influence over how much you will be offered.

How do I get started with you?

We have three offices, Seaford, DE, Cambridge and Salisbury. You can visit the branch closest to you and fill out an application or visit our website EasternShoreJobs.com  and submit an application or resume. If you submit an online application and or resume, you will still be required to fill out a different application upon your first visit with us. 

Do you employ people on visas? (H2B, TN, J1, etc.)

QSS can only employ persons who are U.S. citizens or Permanent Residents. Once a job offer has been made, you will be required to present two forms of U.S. government issued ID. 

What can I expect if I stop into a branch office for the first time?

Our receptionists will have you fill out an application and provide a list of professional references (come prepare with their names and phone numbers). If you are hoping to find a labor or manufacturing type job, you will need to complete a Production Skills Test.  Our clients do require a certain grade on this so make sure you take it seriously! It may take you an hour or so to complete so visit when you have time to stay. If a recruiter is available, you may be interviewed during this visit.  You DO NOT need to provide identification upon your first visit with us.  We only require these documents if you are offered a job.

How long before I hear about my application or a job?

Our staff does their best to review your application within two weeks.  Although, there are times when we are overwhelmed with the amount of applicants.  We promise to do our best!  We do require you be interviewed by a recruiter before any job offers can be made.  Once interviewed, we play matchmaker with the perfect candidate for the perfect job.  QSS does not simply send over a warm body! In hopes of making a long term match, we will only send qualified people to our client companies. As not all jobs are available at all times, you may not find a placement right away. Again, we do our best for find you your perfect job and that can take patience.  

Do you drug test?

Many of our client companies do require us to drug test anyone to whom a job offer has been made. Should you fail our drug test, you will be required to take a more extensive one with a local urgent care facility immediately. 

What if I have something on my criminal record?

This relies totally upon the leniency of our client companies.  Each has their own policy regarding criminal background.  Some require spotless records, some are OK with minor offenses.  Please speak with your recruiter regarding which companies may be best for you should this be a concern. 

I’ve been interviewed, now what?

We ask that you call your local QSS branch office ONCE A WEEK to let them know that you are still available and able to work. Once a position that matches your skills, experience and requirements becomes available, we will notify you. 

I’ve accepted an offer!  Now what?

If you are being hired for a temp or temp to perm position, you will be an employee of QSS.  Once you’ve accepted a job offer, you will need to come to your branch office and fill out payroll and government tax forms. At this point, you WILL NEED to bring two forms of government issued ID with you. We cannot process payroll for you without such ID, this is a U.S. Government requirement. 

When will I get paid?

Payday is every Friday, unless it falls on a holiday.  If that happens, you will be notified via a notice in your paycheck or paystub prior to. All QSS offices are open from 8am – 530pm every Friday. 

Can I get direct deposit?

If you are on a temp to perm assignment or a temp assignment which will last more than one moth, you are eligible for direct deposit ONLY after you have worked for two weeks.  Please request this form from your branch office. You must provide a BANK ISSUED form with your name, bank and account routing numbers on it. 

Does QSS offer any skill training courses?

YES!  Check out our training program page for all the details as we are adding programs and courses all the time. Click here.

I’m a business owner, what is QSS’s fee structure?

If you wish to hire someone for a temporary or temp to perm placement, QSS invoices your company weekly for that employee’s pay plus our agreed upon markup rate. If an employee is perfect for your position and you wish to make them a permanent staff member of your company, after they have worked for 480 hours, they can be then taken onto your payroll. All commitment for that employee between QSS and your company ends at that point once all invoices have been paid. If you wish to take an employee onto your payroll before they have completed the 480 worked hours, you will pay the remainder of our contracted rate to release them from QSS’s payroll. 

If you are hiring for a salaried, permanent position, we will invoice you at an agreed upon direct hire fee.   

GREAT!  How do I hire QSS to find that perfect person for my perfect job?

Call the QSS office closest to you. Once we have all the details on what you are looking for, our Sales Manager will provide you with a contract and then we get to work for you!
Salisbury 410-742-2600     Seaford 302-990-5623     Cambridge 443-477-6555





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